Friday, April 23, 2010

Hearsay is Bad

OK, so it's not the best LOL you've ever seen on the internet, but I bet it's the only one  addressing the Hearsay Rule (or Sir Walter Raleigh).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wicked Green Today

"What? What are you all looking at?"
"Oh! Do I have something in my teeth?"
"Alright, fine let's just get this over with: No i'm not sea-sick, yes, i've always been green, no I didn't eat grass as a child."

The above quote is from the musical Wicked, but I thought it appropriate for Earth Day as well, along with a few other internet finds:

1. Top 9 Ways to Celebrate Middle-Earth Day: #2 on this list is precious.

2. An out of this world/non-Earth link: props to the Washington Examiner for using the word probe in an article about sexual harassment

3. Speaking of green, as you have probably heard, the $100 bill got a makeover today, but what about that pesky $2?