Friday, July 30, 2010

Snakes Got To Eat

Newsworthy post: an article from the New York Times regarding a massive recall on mail order frozen mice due to a salmonella outbreak.

A customer of MiceDirect: "Steve Gilfillan, a deputy sheriff in Council Bluffs, Iowa, keeps 'a couple hundred' garter snakes in several neat rows of roomy enclosures in his basement. The snakes, he said, are like part of the family, which leads to a certain familiarity.

'As far as precautions, I don’t know,' said Mr. Gilfillan, 51, who said his three children helped feed and care for his pets. 'Snakes got to eat and snakes got to poop and you got to clean it up. It’s just the nature of keeping them.'"

*Red bold = WHAT???? and TRUE, DOUBLE TRUE

Thank you, NYT