Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny Internets To Go: Volume 1

Jesse is a master sharer on Google Reader - he finds hundreds of funny internet videos, pictures, blogs, etc. every week, which everyone should see - however, for those short on time/looking for the condensed, "to go" version, look no further. Here are my top 5 picks of Jesse's picks from this week:

5. Office Language Translator

4. The Tastiest Valentine

3. Catzilla

2. 18th Century D-bag

1. A dentist's unhealthy relationship with teeth


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Talk Meets SMS Language

As a new parent in the digital age, I will occasionally search online for answers to baby questions, most of which I never thought I would ever type into the google search bar (i.e. colors of poop, symptoms of teething, maple syrup urine disease, etc.).

The majority of the returns are articles or "mom comments" - the latter being where I stumbled across mom sms language. And what makes mom sms different from the typical lol, omg, fyi, tbd, or wtf? Look on any comment section of a parenting advice article and you will find acronyms like lo, dh, and mm - thank goodness Jesse found this acronym decoder on Although, I wish I did not know now the meanings behind ewcm, poas, or bd. DISTURBING.

Jesse literally threw his hands up in frustration at these ridiculous acronyms - seriously, who has time to decode these/make these up? Who are these moms trolling the internet, leaving TMI comments? What's wrong with saying my child or my husband? I have come to accept that SMS Language is here for the now - however, whether it is destined for permanency or "a fad, destined for the linguistic garbage heap in a matter of a few years" is still TBD.

In the mean time, I am proposing a few new acronyms for txtspk:

YAARP: you are a ridiculous person
SUSA: stop using stupid acronyms
GOTIATYBTSP: get off the internet and teach your baby to speak properly

I'm sure I am leaving some off the list...