Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Altar Ego

I wasn't sure I was even going to post about this, but I've gotten so many nice compliments over the last few weeks that I guess I should. Back in January, my Mom brought me a stack of old wood from her barn up in Denton. And it just so happened that the Mahan Commons at St. Alban's was in need of a new altar for evening services. So I got out the sander, chop saw, and drill press, swapped some manure stains for Minwax wood stain, and voilà, new altar. I thought it turned out pretty good, and the folks at St. A's seem to agree. It even made the March 2011 Epistle newsletter (see page 5). Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure (including the "before" stack of wood, the altar in action, the cool workbench I made out of the leftover lumber, and a gratuitous picture of my little shop assistant).


  1. That is seriously badass. I highly recommend getting a carpentry dvd off netflix sometime and watching it. You will be surprised how many tips and tricks you can learn. Next up is to make you and Diana caskets like Hank Hill.

  2. Thanks! A netflix DVD is a great idea, that never even occurred to me. Hmm, I wonder if the "New Yankee Workshop" is available to watch instantly...